Monday, May 24, 2004

I am once again at the keyboard, updating on my marathon training. I am committing myself to run the Malibu Marathon this December, which will be co-sponsored by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

It's the end of May and I have been training since May 3rd, two days after this year's Great Strides walk in Valencia. I had done some sporadic running throughout March and April, but I wasn't committed like I am now. Great Strides seemed like a starting point for the training and I am planning on tackling a half marathon in early August up in San Francisco. With this goal of San Fran in mind, I think I can better focus on the training and increasing my distances each week.

You can tell that this is my first new entry since the Honolulu marathon. I'm very tentative about what I'm writing. It feels very foreign to me (like it did the first few weeks last year). But, like I have fallen back into running with little difficulty, I'm sure making entries will become easier in a couple of days.


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