Thursday, June 26, 2008

I had the best run in nearly a month this morning. A strange calmness came over me halfway through the run, something I've never felt before. It was early and my limbs were still a bit drowsy when something switched in my brain and I was able to maintain a nice, steady pace. To say the least, this feeling was a wonderful surprise. Switching back to a run/walk of 2 1/2 minutes running and 1 minute walking seems to have been the right decision.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I have been learning a lot about myself these past few weeks. I now believe that I have some form of obsessive compulsive behavior. My mind gets locked on one track and I can't veer off of that course until everything is completed. I also have finally come to the conclusion that I need lists and that I need structure. Flying by the seat of my pants leads to anxiety. I have a lot of anxiety when I run. I'm trying to work through that one. When I approach the end point of every long run, I fear that I won't complete the run (i.e. the race) and that I will embarrass my family and myself. This has to be the reason my training fell off for three weeks. I woke each morning and would think, "What's the point?"

Finally, I am full of dread when it comes to sitting down and writing the next story. I'm sweating now just thinking about it. I have no confidence in myself and I'm trying to push through this wall. Driving into work this morning I had several excellent ideas for the new script. When I sat down at my desk, I could barely pick up the pen.

Perhaps I have been trying to be some kind of writer than I am not. Perhaps I am trying to be Arthur Miller when I should be trying to be Stephen King or Rod Serling. Why must I think that I should be writing heavy drama when I could be writing horror or fantasy, two genres that I clearly enjoy (see "Lost", "Twilight Zone", "Reaper", etc). Somewhere in my life someone planted the idea in my head that these types of fiction are not worthy of respect. It's time I get past that notion.

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's been a nice, relaxing week. Mom and dad just left town this morning. Today is their wedding anniversary and they have been married for 46 years. That number seems so monumental in this day and age, however, I feel that Julie and I will have no trouble reaching that number (in 31 years). We went to breakfast before I drove off to work and I go my mom talking about the time when they were married and what they went through. Not to be mean, but it's never difficult getting mom to start talking. I swear that the next time I see them, either in Tucson or when they visit us, I am going to set up a video camera and begin recording the story of their lives. Each and every time I hear what they went through, I am filled with strength and say to myself, "it's never easy, is it."

From getting married with next to nothing, living in the segregated south, to moving back to Ohio and raising four children, I admire my folks, even if I don't agree with everything they've done. But I'm sure they would not agree with all of the choices I've made in my lifetime.

Happy Anniversary Budd and Eleanor.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yes, I have a problem. There, I admitted it. I'm addicted to "Lost."

I sat in my office chair for three hours to watch three consecutive episodes one night and I messed up my back. I am paying the price. I can't run, I walk like an old man (no offense to my older readers.. I meant... oh, you know what I meant!) and I have trouble getting comfortable when it's time to go to sleep.

So THANK YOU Mr. J.J. Abrams and all of your cast, for screwing up my life. And thank you (no, really, thank you) ABC for streaming all four seasons on

Friday, June 13, 2008

Graduation Day

Today, Jacob graduated from kindergarten. I had a hard time keeping the video camera steady and my eyes were full of tears and my nose was dripping. He stood center stage while his entire class performed three songs for all of the parents. With his hands jammed casually in is shorts pockets, he looked like one relaxed kid. But I could tell he was a little nervous; his cheeks were flush before the program began. When the children sang, his was the loudest voice, the most enthusiastic voice, the most excited and happy voice. Julie had a parent comment on Jacob's singing, too. He really stole some of the show.

After the kids sang, they all sat down for awards to be presented by the two kindergarten teachers. Each student received an award for a particular skill they mastered over the course of the year, like penmanship, citizenship, etc. Jacob was awarded Best All Around Student. It probably doesn't mean much to him other than "hey, I git an ward." But I feel this was the best award to receive. Not only is he a good student, but he is simply a caring, loving little boy. The perfect kind of kid any teacher would want in their class. I am so proud of him.

Damn, he's in first grade now.

Sophie, meanwhile, has moved on to 4th grade with flying colors. Her report card was stellar and she is [poised to be one of the best student in her class. But she is not merely a good academic child. Instead, she has immense talent in writing and art. She had to write one final essay before the end of the year and the voice she uses in that essay is so easy going and at ease, it's like having a conversation with her. If I can convince her to let me post the essay I will because I believe it's one of the most remarkable things I've read this year. Sophie is a blessing. To have such a warm, empathetic little girl as my daughter not only makes me proud, but humbles me.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My first day of official training did not go well. After a weekend blowout that began on Thursday night at the "Flapjack" premiere party and went through the weekend with drinks until 2 AM with my neighbor, an outlandish five (5!) hamburgers eaten in one day, and more meat and rinks on Sunday, I was not up to the task of running at 6 AM Monday morning. Quite honestly, I needed a serious detox.

Up until a couple hours ago, I still felt like crap. But I am ready an excited for tomorrow morning. I am investigated a little bit about what foods I should eat before my run and hope that I don't get depressed while I run. That seems to be my greatest obstacle lately. My head starts to tell me that I shouldn't be running or I begin to question whether I really want to do the marathon. Seeing as for 20 hours, I really want to run this thing, I have to get my head in shape for the morning run. Call it brain training, if you will.

I'm a little bummed that "King's Highway" did not hit shelves today like it was supposed to. A fuck up at the manufacturer has delayed its release until July 1. However, I am assured that the DVD"s are shipping from the factory on Friday and will be in the hands of sellers in time for the new release date. I have been working on the King's Highway website every other day. Not sure what else I am going to put on it. I will have to check other film websites to see what they include. Last week was so surreal, seeing the movie listed for sale on Amazon and for rent on Netflix. That the movie's release coincides with me finally getting representation is like some kind of harmonic convergence.

What? I didn't tell you about that? Sorry. I signed paperwork yesterday that makes me a client of a management company in Beverly Hills. The two women running it fell in love with one of my old scripts, "Ritual" (aka "The Hunted") and also have taken a liking to "Blood Brothers." I am really beyond words at how great they have been and at how enthusiastic they are about my story ideas. For the first time since "Deceit" was completed, I feel a little validation as a writer. And for the first time, I feel legitimate. I have a good feeling bout the management team.

This week is the last week of school. Where the hell did the year go. Jake is going o be in 1st grade! And Sophie will be in 4th. My 4th grade teacher was one of the best I had in my childhood. His name was Mr. Householder. He really encouraged me to write, even if they were gory murder mysteries involving all of my classmates. After 4th grade, I moved into the ASP program. It wasn't necessarily better, just separate. Thank God Matt and Steve were my classmates.

I'm going to wrap things up for the night. I need to get sleep. That's one of my keys to staying healthy and mentally fit. Plenty of sleep.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The movie is for sale!

It's been quite an eventful week. First let me tell everyone with kids to please check out "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack", which premieres tomorrow night (Thursday, 6/5/08) at 8:30 ET on Cartoon Network. I've been working on this animated series for over a year and I'm quite proud to be a part of the production. In addition, the crew we have on this show is a great bunch of people and I hope them all the success in the world. So let's make this show a big hit and keep Scott employed for a while.

Let's see, where to start. Okay, first of all, our Internet was kaput for several days, so even if I wanted to write, it would have been difficult. Sorry.

On Tuesday we learned that "King's Highway" is being released next Tuesday, 6/10. I little research led to the discovery that the film is available for presale at Amazon and available to rent through Netflix. Obviously, if you're reading this, I hope you'll check out our little film. It's taken a LONG time to get this baby released. I can't tell you the thrill it is seeing your work out there for the general public to see. Now I'll just have to weather the bad reviews.

So, to reiterate... "King's Highway", starring Geoff Stults and written and directed by yours truly, is available to buy from Amazon next Tuesday and available to rent, now.

To prepare for the release, I have constructed a very simple website for the movie: Please be sure to check it out to see what the movie is about and to watch the trailer.

I have some really great news on the career front that I'll be sharing in a couple of days.

Finally, a new basement song write up will appear on Popdose tomorrow morning. Check it out, too.

I haven't used the blog for pimping in some time. I hope to get into my training in the days to come. I have been running, trying to get back to the good place I was a couple of weeks ago (before I got sick). That I haven't been able to feel as great as I did at that time is a little discouraging. I have to get over this hump.