Monday, June 26, 2006

Scott Malchus? That dude owes me money!

And so I return.

Another great weekend. The pool has turned out to be a fantastic idea. Did I tell you we got a pool? I was so resistant to the idea. I love that lawn. But the joy that water brings to our kids is better than any patch of grass in the world.

Seann came for dinner tonight. It was good to see him again. The kids will likely not see him for a month or so. I had Sophie pretty much guilt him into driving up for some hamburgers. God bless him, he’s a good uncle and can’t say “no” to his niece and nephew.

Speaking of Jake, man, I felt like the lowest of low yesterday. While Sophie and Jules were at a party, I took Jake to see the new “Garfield” movie. We get about 500 yards from the theater (and 15 minutes from start time) and I realized I didn’t have the damn enzymes. We had to drive all the way home and back again. Wouldn’t you know it, the line to buy tickets was ridiculously long (it WAS 100 degrees… so everyone was at the movies) and we missed the first 10 minutes of the movie. Jake didn’t seem to mind. He still laughed at the movie. But me? I still feel like crying.

I should have a handle on these things by now. Why am I constantly forgetting things like his enzymes? I should be better at this. God bless Jake. As I sped back home, he was still funny. “Whoops! Oh well. We forgot the enzymes.” And as I sped back, cursing myself once again, he was supportive. “You’re not a bad daddy, Daddy.”

How did I become so blessed? Two wonderful children with hearts of gold. Sometimes I feel like some an ass for forgetting things or not paying enough attention. Sophie’s taken to calling me two or three times if my eyes drift. “Dad. Look. Dad. DAD, look.” Who AM I? I’m not some important person who has an agenda? I’m not trying to save lives like a doctor. I’m not trying to run a country or put out fires. I’m just a writer.

I should be a father first.

I am a father first. Just have to work on that.

That’s all for now. The “Garfield” movie wasn’t so horrible. Tim Curry was funny, as usual. The Indians suck and I think I’m becoming a Dodgers fan after 12 years. Imagine that.


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