Friday, November 10, 2006

Tomorrow is Jake's birthday part and I'm pretty jacked up about it. This should be a lot of fun. The theme is Teen Titans. When we couldn't find a Robin piñata for the party, I made one. That's right, I put my 3rd grade art class skills to work and constructed a piñata from scratch. It turned out very nice, if I do say so myself. We'll see how long it lasts once a bunch of little kids hopped up on candy start swinging at it. Speaking of candy, there is so much junk in that piñata, I'm afraid of how long the thing is going to last once the mad banging begins. Luckily, Jake is the first slugger who gets a whack at it.

I plan to take some picture to show some of my co-workers who have been hearing about this monumental project for several weeks. Who knows, I could start my own specialty piñata business on the side. Wouldn't cost much. Hell, I already write off my newspaper subscription. Now we could claim flour and water on our taxes, too! Heh, that's a joke. IRS.

My mom is coming into town this morning and the kids are very excited. Dad called last night about his operation in December. He's getting a stint put in his carotid artery. The operation is taking place just before the holidays. I believe Beth is going to head out to Arizona to help out. I know that Heidi and her family are also going to be in Tucson. This should be a pretty nice Christmas for my folks, all things considered.


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