Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey, it's April! March is over and the Tribe has already won one!

I am so glad March is done. It was, by far, the worst month in recent memory. Both personally and professionally, I couldn't get my head on straight. It was a very frustrating and depressing month (as those of you who have checked in on occasion can attest).

Anyway, the month of April began in fine form yesterday. It was a beautiful day here in California. Sophie had two classic moments. In the morning, she came up to me while I was sitting, reading "All The President's Men" and she quoted two lines from the chapter I was reading. I don't know if it was because she was quoting Woodward and Bernstein, or because at 8, she can read pretty much anything I can, but I was pretty blown away.

Then, as the kids were taking a bath, I was mesmerized by the video for The Shins' "Phantom Limb". Toward the end of the song, Sophie comes walking down the hall in a towel, singing the melody from the end of the song. Awesome. How many parents can say their kids are singing The Shins to them (and she's only heard the song a couple of times).

And, of course, the Indians crushed the White Sox in Chicago this morning.

I hope the rest of the month turns out as pleasant as the first two days.


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