Saturday, February 26, 2011


It's been quite some time since I've written a blog entry here at thunderbolt, I fear that I've questioned what worth I have in adding my voice to the blogosphere. Anything I wanted to get out of me usually wound up in the Basement Songs posts over at Popdose, so what else could I really say?

Today I have wonderful news I want to share. This week the Cf Foundation made a reamrkable announcement that has spiked the hope of every CF parent. I'd rather give you a link to the NY Times article than to try and explain it myself. So here it is:

Pretty exciting!

Another reason I haven't written much has been my efforts to get my first novel complete. After two years of writing, though, I sent it off to NY in hopes that it will get read by a publishing company and stir up some interest in my skills as writer. With the manuscript out in the world, it seems like a good time to pull the old blog out of the garage and see if she still runs. I suppose I'll try to cross promote any entry I make by using Facebook and Twitter. I'd be foolish not to.

In the meantime, I hope the ten of you reading this right now will be patient as I try to gt back in the swing of things here at thunderbolt.

It's 1:44 AM in Saugus, CA and the rain is pouring outside. There's talk of snow and the one thought that keeps going through my mind is, the Indians are in Arizona and the baseball season is a little over a month away. Nice.


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