Friday, February 10, 2012

Basement Songs- The Book

Sorry it's been so long. We're still hanging in there for anyone who is wondering. We still have a long road ahead of us. In looking back on my brother-in-law's accomplishments, I was inspired by Seann's drive to get his art out to the world for his friend, family and fans to listen to and appreciate. Seann recorded music and sold it independently through a digital music service. I sort of took his ambition for granted until it was too damn late to tell him how much I admired his drive.

Well, now I'm drawing from Seann's life to try and get my act together. For two years I've been talking about compiling some of my favorite Basement Songs columns and self-publishing them as a book. After seeing the success that my good friend, Will Harris, had when he published a book of his own Popdose columns, I'm finally going to do the same.

Ever since we returned from Ohio, I've been editing the Basement Songs columns that I consider some of my best and/or my favorites to put in the book.

"But Scott, can't we just read your columns on the Internet? What's going to make this book different from the web postings?"

Glad you asked. My plan all along was to make this collection read like some kind of story. Therefore, I've been going through my choices and editing out certain phrases that get used often in the Basements Songs columns. In other words, I'm doing my best to remove redundant information. Also, since I've decided to publish the columns in chronological order, not by publication date, I've decided to revise some of the older columns. I've become a better writer in the past couple of years and I feel that if I'm going to ask people to shell out 16-18 bucks, I should put my best foot forward.

Moreover, I want to give people buying the book something different than what's already been on the web. One analogy could be this: The original columns are like a concert performance of a new song- a little raw with most of the kinks worked out; the book is like a album of those same songs and I've had a chance to refine what's been worked out on the road. Oh, and there will be one unreleased Basement Songs column that is exclusive to the book.

When will it be done? Soon, I hope. I'm about half way through doing my pass, then I need the final stamp of approval, Julie. After that, I'll slap on a foreword by my good friend, Jeff Giles (aka jefito, aka the guy who came up with Popdose) and I'll place a nice looking cover (still in the works) by another Popdoser, Dw Dunphy (who also designed the Basement Songs banner) on the book.

I will keep you updated as the publication date arrives and how you can purchase a physical and digital copy.


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