Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Last Friday i was asked to speak at a Cystic Fibrosis Golf fundraiser that was sponsored by the Krikorian family, who own a number of movie theaters in Los Angeles. It was an honor to be asked. I've never considered myself a public speaker. In fact, I was allowed to skip over that course my freshman year at Bowling Green (BG) because of my English scores. It was strange to be up in front of all of these people (some of whom make my yearly gross in a month) trying to convey what it's like to be a parent with a child who has CF.

To be honest, I don't know what the hell I was doing. I went up there and talked about who I was and the dreams I had growing up. Those dreams of being a big, Hollywood-type director don't have the same importance to me anymore. Jake's health is much more important.

Thank God Julie was able to come with me (Mom and Dad watched the kids) and it was much easier having her there by my side. I am a lucky man to have her in my life.

Anyway, it was quite remarkable to attend this fundraiser at a posh country club that overlooked the ocean. They held an auction and people were bidding thousands of dollars like it was nothing. On one hand, I was blown away that people could have that sort of wealth. On the other hand, I was thrilled that they had decided to share the wealth with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

In attendance that night was a little 12 year old girl named Jessica (I never found out her last name). Her uncle, Chuck, was responsible for the golf tournament and helping organize the evening. He had a great passion for trying to find a cure. In many ways, he reminded me of Budd and how my own brother has so much love for all of his neices and nephews and would do anything for them. So, Jessica was an important part of the night, acting as the face of CF. The program handed out at everyone's dinner seat told of the ordeal she's been through in the past year. Her lung capacity was down to 18%! But she fought back. God bless her. I pray that she continues to do well.

These kids with CF have to face their mortality at such an early age. I dread the day that Jacob begins asking questions, and the hard, painful truths we will have to give him.

Did not run today (Rest Day). Will do pushups, crunches, and maybe some yoga, tonight.


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