Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Trying to decide whether it's worth it to upgrade to a more sophisticated blogger or not. I'll make my decision in a couple of weeks after I've kept this journal up.

Last Friday (7/26) I sent out about 60 letters to friends and families seeking sponsorship. Yesterday I received my first two donations, from my dentist and his receptionist (I think that's what Shirley is... though, she's probably more like and Administrative Asst.) I think it's the least they could do after all of the time I've spent in their office over the past two months dealing with this friggin' tooth. Actually, the tooth feels so much better now. I don't have that shooting pain when I eat or the numbing, maddening pain that went up the side of my face and into my ear. For anyone who has had a root canal, you know what I'm talking about.

Today was the first time I attempted the whole run/walk method my training group advocates. It felt weird the first time I tried it. My legs started to stiffen up right away. But the second time I started running (after a minute walk) I was able to get right back into my stride. So maybe I'll be able to do this method afterall. We'll see. A part of me just wants to be "Joe balls to the wall" and try to run the whole damn 26.6 miles.

Ha! What am I thinking?

Man, I would love it if Budd would join me on this mission. I really think he'd dig it. This whole run/walk thing would make it so much easier on him. More importantly, it'd be killer to have him there, running with next to me. I'll work on it this weekend.

Sent out 12 emails this afternoon seeking sponsorship.


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