Saturday, September 24, 2005

I must apologize for the long delay. A lot has gone on in the past two weeks and the decisions I made took precedence (and energy from) over writing in the journal.

I have left my job at Klasky Csupo to take a new job at Cartoon Network. It was a difficult decision to make, but I feel it is one that will lead to greater benefits. What that has meant is training my replacement at an earlier hour than I am used to and taking away from my training time. The new job begins on Monday and I should feel anxious. However, I have been dealing with other professional issues that I have not had time to dwell on the change ahead of me.

See, I've been revising a draft of one of my scripts, "The American Standard", which has been optioned and will go into production in late October of this year. This draft was a challenge because I'm no longer the guy who created the project. Now, that title falls to the director and I am the writer. It's something I thought would be easy to relinquish once the project got funded, but I must admit it's been difficult to let go. You spend years of your life working and reworking a story idea, and at some point your involvement dwindles.

Ironically, I wrote this script to be just that kind of project. And since the funding came through and a director was chosen, I have come to terms with everything. I completed a new draft of the script on Friday and I'll pretty much find out tomorrow if the producers want me to continue writing on the project or whether they'll go back to the director (or another writer). Whatever they decide, I'm glad I have Monday to distract me form a) the disappointment or b) the continued stress on writing. That said, I have learned that two of the producers are happy with the latest draft, so the stress of waiting has been lifted.

I didn't run this morning. I am a little bummed, but I know I can make it all up this week. I plan to get back on track this week and really dedicate myself. In addition, I have come up with artwork for magnets and pens this year (through Dave, of course. Once these promotional items are complete, I'll send my fundraising letter out.

So, the big changes begin on Monday. It's very exciting, but a little sad. I did love working with Barbara and the people at Klasky Csupo. But the time was right. And I felt that the job coming to me like it did was a sign that the time is now.



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