Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's New Year's Eve and we're all kind of veggin' until heading over to Budd and Karyn's tonight. Last night, Jules and I went out for Sushi to celebrate our 12th Anniversary. Lame ass Scott forgot to get a card. Julie got me 2. Hopefully, the roses I bought today will make up for moi's lameness.

I can't say that I've been a great trainer. It's been pouring rain today, so my plans to even go for a walk were put aside. The knee's feeling creaky with all of the moisture in the air. Still, I feel confident that come race time, I will have enough enthusiasm and nervous energy to get through the race. That, and a lot of Advil. At year's end, we have raised $4000. I feel great about that. $5000 is definitely achievable. That's still a lot of money. And whatever Beth brings in will give Team Jacob a huge boost.

So, that's all for 2005. Hope everyone has a safe New Year (whoever you are that are out there reading this.


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