Thursday, December 29, 2005

The end of the year is upon us and I am feeling better. No, I'm not running again. I have begun riding my bike regularly in the morning just to keep my legs happy. I'm also walking a couple of mornings (and taking the stairs at work). Not really sure how much this will keep me ready for the race in a couple of weeks, but I'm not giving up yet.

So far, we have raised over $3000 this year. I was unsure whether we would be able to generate the $10K we did the past two years. I began the fundraising much later. And with the two major disasters that struck the world in the past year, I was concerned that folks would not have as much to donate. Still, that $3000 is pretty darn good, all things considered. Oh, there's still time. I have to write a follow up letter to send out early next week. And then I just concentrate on the race.

I received a wonderful letter of support from my friend, Phil Sprague. Phil and I go back to high school (and for a while, people would confuse us... I say a while, but it was probably a week). Anyway, he told me that I shouldn't feel guilty if I couldn't run the race; that me being healthy for the family is more important that running 13 miles. And then he ended it by saying that as far as he was concerned, the Sprague family would be making a donation to the CF Foundation every year whether I ran a race or not.

Man, is that cool or what?

We went up to the Gardners' house the day after Christmas and my leg really felt like crap. As I limped about, I expressed my fear of what was wrong with my knee to Tony. He pretty much reiterated what Phil wrote. Family fist, Malchus. If you can't run, don't mess up your body.

Well, I am putting family first for this last race. Jake. After Carlsbad, I'm done running.

That said, I have started looking into bike races for a possible future fundraiser.


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