Friday, April 07, 2006

You are a good looking guy.

I hereby nominate "The Sure Thing" as one of the best movies of the 80's and one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time. I am one of the few who actually saw it in the theater (with my church group, no less) and I've loved it ever since. When I worked at American Video my last year of high school, I some how came to purchase the store's copy. We must have watched that movie a hundred times during the paint crew summers. Steve and I had so many lines memorized. Besides Boon and Otter from "Animal House," we wanted to be John Cusack's Walter "Gib" Gibson. While those "Animal house" guys were someone we aspired to be, but would never be cool enough to be, Gib was like us. He was one of us. He was a failure in love, but an optimist.

And then my copy got lost.

I believe it was Dillon, a guy we worked with, who borrowed it after one of the Malchus parties (one of the bigger one's). Though he claims to have never had it, for some reason I think he harbors that old VHS copy f "The Sure Ting" and pulls it out every so often. Just kidding Jeff.

Last Christmas I was given an Amazon gift certificate and I decided, what the hell, I'll buy "The Sure Thing". I was always reluctant top buy it because so many of the movies (and albums and books) that I treasured in college really don't hold up. Still, I was feeling nostalgic...

Last night I popped it in for some inspiration. I'm working on a script that will involve some acerbic banter between the male and female characters and I knew that Cusack and co-star Daphne Zuniga really had a spark. My intention of watching a few minutes turned into the first 20 and I was quickly reminded why I loved this movie. It's not because of the humor or the accurate college feel that Rob Reiner brought to the movie. And it's not for the cool music or even the great performance of Cusack (in one of his first starring roles... and best starring roles... and age appropriate starring roles). It's the heart, baby. This film has more heart than most of the romantic comedy feel good mushy love story lift yourself up by the boots underdog stories that come out every year. It rules!

So, if you have some down time, and want to check out some future stars of their generation (Anthony Edwards is hilarious, and keep a watch out for Tim Robbins), you MUST MUST MUST rent "The Sure Thing."

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tcb772001 said...

It´s my favorite 80´s teen movie. It´s like a time machine...A beloved film!