Saturday, March 03, 2007

A message from the Grand Poobah

I want this to be an interactive experience. I may not have as much to say as some of my favorite bloggers, but I do want your feedback, especially when I make the Basement Songs posts.

I realize that some of the songs I write about many of the ten of you have never heard before. Thus, I am willing to create a Basement Song mailing list. Here's how it will work:

For each song that I write about, I will send it to whomever signs up for the list. Each week, after the post is made, I'll email the song to the folks on the list so you all can hear what I'm talking about. I think that's only fair since some of you may not get what the hell I going for if you don't have that week's particular melody swimming around in your noggin.

This is purely a selfish act on my part. See, I will be asking you all for help in the Malchus family battle against cystic fibrosis. Whether it's by donating or by volunteering, I need your help. And you'll get at least 45 new songs this year to plug into your collections.

I hope you all take me up on it. Click on the email link to the left and let the music play.


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