Sunday, September 02, 2007

The wonders of technology allowed me to experience the remaining minutes of Bowling Green's upset victory over Minnesota last night while on the phone with my cousin Dave. It was 11:30 his time in Washington DC and the two of us were conversing via our cell phones while simultaneously viewing BG's final overtime drive through DirectTV.

It wasn't so much the victory as it was just being on the phone with him, cheering on the Falcons at the same time. It felt like old times, laughing in disbelief as the BG coach decided to go for a 2 point conversion instead of the safe extra point. The risk paid off and Julie, Dave and I were jumping up and down, practically screaming.

May not seem like much to anyone who isn't a sports fan, but it was a nice little moment. I haven't spoken to Dave in a couple of months. With the Springsteen album due, the Indians beginning to heat up and college football starting again, it felt like the right time to call him. Turns out I was right.


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sally said...

scott malchus,
i like that you are still you. it makes me happy to have a friend who takes me back and reminds me of life.