Friday, October 05, 2007

I did not expect that

Seriously, I expected a closer game. Then again, I should have know better when Sophie and Jake put on their lucky hats. Although they didn't watch the entire game, there was a little bit of excitement for them in the series opener last night. I'm sure that watching their dad pace in front of the television will leave a lasting impression.

I can't explain why I'm so excited about this year's playoffs. I think it's the hope of watching your team succeed and possibly win it all. That hope is something the city of Cleveland needs badly. If there is one town that needs a championship to lift the spirits of an economically depressed area, it's Cleveland. And these group of guys on the Indians team are men of character and classy teammates. You never get the sense that there is any finger pointing in the clubhouse. If someone fails, the whole team fails. And if someone is outstanding, well, his outstanding achievements are for the team. I am most impressed with C.C. Sabathia's maturity as a pitcher. A couple of years ago, he would have been bitching about the strike zone and the calls he wasn't getting. But C.C. took it in stride. Good for him.

Hope, my friends. That is the theme of the fall of 2007. Springsteen. Indians. Hope.

Game 2 begins at 2:00 (PT)


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