Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I’ve been at home all week working on the outside of our house. To say that I haven't done this much manual labor in a long time would be an understatement. My folks are in town and I have really enjoyed the time spent with my dad as we built window frames and painted the front of the house. Of course, being at home means I am stuck with this God awful dial up service that is as slow as a sloth taking a dump.

Besides the stories my dad has told me of his youth growing up in North Olmsted and working on my grandfather's chicken farm, we've had some good meals and great conversations. As you all know, by now, the Indians beat the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs. Sunday night was gut wrenching as the entire family (including Budd's clan) gathered at our place for the game. Unfortunately, the Yankees won that night. While the agony of defeat was something I could handle, it was too much for Sophie and she broke into tears when the Indians lost. She has really gotten caught up in the emotions of these playoffs. I need to dial it back some so that she can learn that it is only a game.

Still, when the Indians won on Monday night, I ran down the hall and lifted Soph into the air, cheering. Then I threw Jake up and we all shouted for joy. If the Tribe's run in the playoffs is a short one, at least we had that one night of celebration.

Usually the time spent with my Mom and Dad ends just in time and I am at my wit's end by the end of their visit. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death, but we're all adults and need our space. Who doesn't experience that with their own parents, I ask you? But this trip has been different. It was especially nice to have them on hand this past Monday.

Some of you may know that we had some concerns about Jacob's heart the past three weeks. He went in for an ear infection and the doctor heard an irregularity with his heartbeat. Jake then had an EKG, which indicated an irregularity, and the stress and fear set in. Julie was scared. I haven't heard her express her fears like she did in a long time. On Monday we took Jake to a cardiologist for an Echo exam (like an ultrasound of his heart) and I am relieved to say that there is nothing to worry about. Thank God!

Anyway, Mom and Dad were here to watch Sophie and it was a great comfort to us knowing that she was with them, relaxed, in case we would have received bad news. But like I said, the news was great. Now we can go on living our lives with just CF to worry about. We have other health things to be concerned about dealing with my mom. I’m not sure if she would mind me talking about it, I will ask. But until the time that I can go into detail, any of you who know Mrs. Malchus, please send out a good though or prayer (or whatever you believe in) for her.

I must be off. It’s late Wednesday… Good Christ, it’s only 7:30! I feel like it’s 11:00. I am OLD. I’ll try to write more later this week. I have some exciting news about a new project I’m involved with. I should be able to give details in the next week or so.


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