Friday, December 28, 2007

I don't know if I have ever listened to an entire Foo Fighters album, but he day hey put out a greatest hit record, I will be the first in line. The latest single from the band, "Long Road to Ruin" is an exercise in pop/rock excellence. For a band that was supposed to be a "side project" for the Nirvana drummer, the Dave Grohl experience has developed into one of the tightest bands around. Moreover, they have ecome of of the remaining groups from the 90's to still put out outstanding, radio friendly songs while many of their peers fell apart. I still wish Grohl played drums more often, but Taylor Hawkins is fine in my book.

It's been another one of those vacations when I plan so many things and none of them get done. Some day I will get it through my thick skull that when I'm on vacation, my poducivity shuts down, too. I will say that it has been wonderful just spending time with the kids and being a family in our own home for a week. Bittersweet because we're not in Ohio, but still comfortable being a family here in Saugus. Christmas day was great. Te kids loved their new bikes from Santa and the may gifts tey received. That night we went over to the Malchus' or a Christmas dinner with about 20 other people (whew). It took me until this morning to finally feel like I was over the 7 or 8 drinks I had that night.

I got to see "I Am Legend" with Villamor and I'm happy to say that it didn't suck. Halfway through the movie, I thought about what other actors I might be able to si ad watch alone on screen for an hour. There were only a couple. Will Smith was outstanding; a fine acting job on his part. It was only fter the movie ended that I began to question some of the plot holes in the picture. I am a big fan of the original Richard Matheson book, but I had no problems with the changes the made. It was an exciting, scary movie and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Yesterday we took th kids to see "Enchanted", which was cute and very sweet. Amy Adams is so fun to watch in this movie. The end seemed to come out of nowhere, but for the most part, it's a nice family movie. Still, between "Enchanted" and "Hairspray" (that other musical that the kids has seen and watched nonstop for weeks) I still prefer "Hairspray".

Our anniversary is coming up on Sunday. I believe we'll be going out to dinner. I actually looked into buying tickets to "Wicked" so Jules could see it again. Unfortunately I don't have a spare $500 laying around. Salt Creek it is!


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