Monday, April 14, 2008

Joe Borowski's meltdown aside, it has been a pretty good couple of days. Not sure where "Blood Brothers", the werewolf film, stands as far as a production right now. I refuse to sign away the creative rights to the movie, plain and simple. If I was being offered 100 thousand dollars ad a studio was fronting 20 million or more to produce my script, well hell yeah, I'd sign away. But not for a small indie movie, especially after what I went through previously.

The running is going great. My legs have new life. Seriously, no pain yet. I'm stoked about that and even imagine myself with a flat stomach someday. I know, a bit of a fantasy, but a guy can dream, can't he?

On Saturday we visited the Saugus Trail Station, which isn't a train station anymore, but a museum, and isn't even in Saugus anymore (it was moved to Newhall back in 1980). Sophie has a class assignment to learn more about Santa Clarita history. I'm pretty excited about all that she's learning, too. I think I was as thrilled as she was getting the scoop about the train station and some Santa Clarita history. Makes me want to haul out this old photo album I inherited from my grandfather after he died. The book chronicles a cross country trip taken by my great grandfather (I think) back in the early 20th century. The pictures are starting to fade, so now is the time to preserve them, I suppose. Time. Just. need. more. time.

Maybe I'll post a couple pictures every Sunday with whatever captions are attached to them.

I am still trying to get Geoff Stults for an interview. I suddenly have some hungry "October Road" fans eager for news on their favorite television show. Maybe that hunger will excite them to see a little something called "King's Highway."

Okay, I have to do some work on another thriller I'm trying o write for the manager guy.

I believe I will write a list of the stories I hope to accomplish this year. They are (in no particular order):

1. Rock band story with Joe
2. Thriller for manager guy
3. Romantic comedy
4. Horror noir comic book with my buddy Marsick
5. Kids adventure comic with Nate and Vill
6. Something....anything for the radio project!

That's it. I have to sty focused on these so that I can also keep up the Popdose writing and occasional emails and yes, entries to thunderbolt.

That's all for now.



jeddiefan said...

Hi Scott! This is one of the Geoff Stults/October Road fans who's checking back to see if you've been able to get him for an interview yet. We Roadies are really looking forward to seeing that! Hope you are able to get him soon, as he will be pretty busy after OR gets picked up for season three next month. We have all been very busy with the "Pay October Road Forward" campaign -

We not only want ABC to renew our beloved show but we fans are going the extra mile & using our own funds to spread the word about OR and to gain new viewers at the same time. Plus it really is a great feeling knowing we are donating a quality show to our kids to watch & for our soldiers to pass away the lonely hours in a faraway land. OR is a show whose time has come & we Roadies are determined to see it stay. Long Live the Road!

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