Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lately when I try to come up with a topic for these entries, I feel like a phony. Good God, what could I possibly have to say that a) has any importance considering the well written and emotional blogs out there (like this one that Julie reads daily) and b) I haven't already written about before. I mean, really, who wants to hear me gripe about my job one more time, huh? Moreover, I'm really trying o stay committed to the Popdose writing. The basement entries take a lot out of me; I'm doing my best to give them a couple of drafts before posting them. And the TV column is so new and alien to me. I'm not even sure if my opinion is worth a grain of salt.

That said, I have received an insane amount of response to an article I wrote about "October Road", ABC's series that co-starred Geoff Stults, the actor who carried King's Highway on his shoulders. That's kind of cool huh?

I am hoping that once I get into my real training for the marathon in the fall that I will have some profound, life affirming anecdotes to write about, sort of like Zen and the Art of Marathon Training Fundraising (maybe I can call a book that someday).

I'm frustrated with myself on a regular basis. I feel like a failure ninety percent of the time and I feel such a lack of inspiration that there have been times these past six months when I wonder "what was it like to feel inspired?" Has the film industry finally worn me down to the point that I just don't give a shit any more? There is a small part of me that says yes. I hate acknowledging that voice. I hate that voice, like it's the devil in my ear.

Yesterday I had an excellent end to my long run. I say "end" because my mind was not into the start of it. I slept in longer than I'm used to (I didn't run until 7:00) and my legs were tired. Luckily I had some new songs on the MP3 player (let's call it "gray matter" from now on). I downloaded the new R.E.M. single (legally... don't get your panties in a bunch) and it got me through a couple of stops. I also added the most beautiful song by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, "Stick with me Baby". The melody is treated hauntingly and the two of them sing with such tenderness. The lyrics remind me of Julie every time. However, when I heard the song yesterday, the gravity of why I'm running this new marathon really slammed me.

I'm running for my boy.

You know, just writing that phrase makes me tear up. I'm running for my boy. That's enough to give me an extra push when I'm feeling low. And when I attack those hills, the phrase that keeps coming out of my mouth in a guttural growl is "fuck you, cystic fibrosis."

Springsteen is tomorrow night. I'm pretty damn stoked, let me tell you. I hope to sneak our camera in and take a few snapshots. I know you're all waiting with baited breath.



texasoctroadgirl said...


Thank you so much for mentioning October Road in this post...We're so happy that you have helped us with our campaign by posting your comments to our responses...

You are very COOL yourself!!!

Thanks again


smithbcj said...

Scott, MANY THANKS for mentioning my favorite show, October Road, in your blog today. And lucky you, to know Geoff personally! We fans of OR have been busting our fannies to get this very worthy show renewed. Though it was a good show last year, (all 6 episodes) it picked up speed this year in it's 13 eppy's and the last few episodes really rocked. I'm totally addicted to this show and the amount of dedication the fans have to OR would make your head spin. Please find a way to mention OR again, as the good press speaks volumes. Thanks! Cindy

Bella-Dona said...

I was going to thank you for mentioning October Road in your blog today then I read the rest of the blog. It sounds like you are having some hard times. I don't know anything about the film industry being from Minnesota. I guess we have the Coen brothers and Diablo Cody but not much experience. I hope you find your inspiration.

I would really like to see the movie King's Highway. I am sure there are many other October Road fans that would love to see a movie with Geoff Stults. Any suggestions?

Scott said...

Hi Bella Donna,

"King's Highway", the film starring Geoff, is scheduled to be released in June. We are still working out the details.

Thanks so much for asking and for you nice comments. As soon as the movie is closer to its release date, we'll be letting everyone know.


Bella-Dona said...

Great News! How exciting for you!

I look forward to seeing it in June. I did a little on-line research about the "King's Highway" plot. The story sounds really good, something I would like. You will already have a built in audience with all of the October Road fans.

Make sure to keep us posted when the details are worked out. Basically, the group on the October Road message board is interested in any information about the show and cast and there hasn't been much news lately.

Bella-Dona said...

Hi Scott,
Just checking back in with you. I don't know if you heard but October Road was canceled. The news came out on Tuesday. A couple of the cast members, Rebecca Field (Janet) and Jonathan Murray (Ronnie) along with Scott Rosenberg personally announced it on the October Road message board. They are a class-act. ABC on the other hand...
I could go on and on about my frustration with network TV getting viewers invested in shows and then canceling them but I will leave that for another day.

Anyway, I thought I would check back in with you about King's Highway. I will need my Geoff Stults fix this summer.