Friday, June 20, 2008

It's been a nice, relaxing week. Mom and dad just left town this morning. Today is their wedding anniversary and they have been married for 46 years. That number seems so monumental in this day and age, however, I feel that Julie and I will have no trouble reaching that number (in 31 years). We went to breakfast before I drove off to work and I go my mom talking about the time when they were married and what they went through. Not to be mean, but it's never difficult getting mom to start talking. I swear that the next time I see them, either in Tucson or when they visit us, I am going to set up a video camera and begin recording the story of their lives. Each and every time I hear what they went through, I am filled with strength and say to myself, "it's never easy, is it."

From getting married with next to nothing, living in the segregated south, to moving back to Ohio and raising four children, I admire my folks, even if I don't agree with everything they've done. But I'm sure they would not agree with all of the choices I've made in my lifetime.

Happy Anniversary Budd and Eleanor.

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