Friday, June 13, 2008

Graduation Day

Today, Jacob graduated from kindergarten. I had a hard time keeping the video camera steady and my eyes were full of tears and my nose was dripping. He stood center stage while his entire class performed three songs for all of the parents. With his hands jammed casually in is shorts pockets, he looked like one relaxed kid. But I could tell he was a little nervous; his cheeks were flush before the program began. When the children sang, his was the loudest voice, the most enthusiastic voice, the most excited and happy voice. Julie had a parent comment on Jacob's singing, too. He really stole some of the show.

After the kids sang, they all sat down for awards to be presented by the two kindergarten teachers. Each student received an award for a particular skill they mastered over the course of the year, like penmanship, citizenship, etc. Jacob was awarded Best All Around Student. It probably doesn't mean much to him other than "hey, I git an ward." But I feel this was the best award to receive. Not only is he a good student, but he is simply a caring, loving little boy. The perfect kind of kid any teacher would want in their class. I am so proud of him.

Damn, he's in first grade now.

Sophie, meanwhile, has moved on to 4th grade with flying colors. Her report card was stellar and she is [poised to be one of the best student in her class. But she is not merely a good academic child. Instead, she has immense talent in writing and art. She had to write one final essay before the end of the year and the voice she uses in that essay is so easy going and at ease, it's like having a conversation with her. If I can convince her to let me post the essay I will because I believe it's one of the most remarkable things I've read this year. Sophie is a blessing. To have such a warm, empathetic little girl as my daughter not only makes me proud, but humbles me.


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