Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Saturday was a spectacular run (I know, how "spectacular" can a 6 mile run be?). I was unsure how my body would respond to a morning run. I love running at night, plus last week's 6 mile-ish run really did a number on me. Anyway, I started out a little tight, but I set goals for myself, essentially chasing two different groups of runners and trying to pass them and finish my run before them. Something clicked around the 3 mile turnaround and I fucking cruised home! I even skipped a walk in order to catch and pass my unsuspecting victims.

This training for the half marathon has been some of the most spiritual and refreshing running since before the first marathon back in '03.

Today I began, in earnest, to write my fundraising letter. I feel like it's not very good. I hate writing these letters. Boo frickin' hoo, right? Write the damn letter, crybaby, and raise some money to wipe out this damn disease.

Man, I'm fired up.

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