Thursday, August 21, 2008

Russell's definition of rock and roll

"It's not what you put into it; it's what you leave out. Listen to... you listen to Marvin Gaye... A song like 'What's Happenin' Brother.' There’s a single 'woo' at the end of the second verse - you know that woo - that single 'woo'… That's what you remember. The little things, the silly things. The mistakes... there's only one of them, and it makes the song. It's what you leave out. Yeah, that's rock and roll."

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jb said...

"For me, a great rock song is a good tune, plus some inspired irritant - a shout, a noise, an enigmatic line, a raucous solo.

Scott, you do realise that you're writing for an audience that you count on the fingers of one hand, right?

It might be the best film I've seen (one that continues to this day to move me deeply) but no-one apart from us (we?) sad lot have any idea what you're on about..