Friday, October 31, 2008

Riding into work this morning I heard "Lies" by the Thompson Twins, which immediately made me think of a high school girlfriend who loved, LOVED the Thompson Twins. In fact, she broke up with me after I was unable to attend the Thompson Twins/Corey Hart concert.

Mind you, I would have gone to see the Thompson Twins/Corey Hart concert, but I didn't have the permission of the parental units. Perhaps she thought that because I couldn't stand up to my parents and demand that I be allowed to see the authors of pop classics like "Hold Me Now" and "Doctor! Doctor!" (not to mention that "Never Surrender" dude) I wasn't rebellious enough to be a Thompson Twins fan and therefore not good enough to be her boyfriend.

Ah, the foibles of youth.

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Ted said...

I saw the "Into the Gap" tour in 1984, and they put on a great show. That sucks about your girlfriend, though. But hey, you were able to get a post out of it. :-)