Saturday, October 18, 2008

Woke up early this morning with no desire to run. Watched last week's "Mad Men" and wrote a partial review for Popdose and before I knew it, the time had slipped to 8:00. The thought of running has no appeal. My legs are tired, my shoes are shot, and I think I have enough muscle memory to get me through the race. Still, I decided to at least job a couple miles just to keep up the routine. By 8:15, I was out the door listening to my favorite version of Springsteen singing "If I Should Fall Behind." This version comes from a 1996 show from back east, either Columbus or Florida (I forget). In this particular rendition, he's singing like Dion, who had just covered the song on one of his records. Bruce alters the melody and moves away from the Dylanesque version he was doing at the beginning of the tour in favor of something more tender; something more touching.

Listening to that version and the couple other Springsteen acoustic songs I chose to open my run this morning put me in touch with why I'm out there in the first place. My legs don't hurt that bad and the shoes will last another month. So it's not about me, it's about Jake. The reason I'm pounding the asphalt twice a week and once on the weekend is to find a cure for my boy. Plain and simple.

Less than a month until the race.


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