Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Eagle Boosters Trip of 1915 pt. 1

When my grandfather passed away in 1992, we brought many of his possessions back from Sarasota, Florida to our house in North Olmsted. At some point during the summer of '92, my siblings and I went through many of these things and were allowed to take some for ourselves. I can't recall exactly what I claimed, save for two items. The first was a yellow ceramic mug with peace symbols painted in rows that went all the way around the mug. I still use that mug and keep it on my work desk for coffee in the morning. The other item was a black photo album.

The pictures contained within that album document a cross country trip taken in 1915 by the Eagle Boosters Club, an organization from Cleveland, OH that my great grandfather, Frank Malchus, was a member of. The pictures, 226 in all, are a fading, fascinating document of a time long ago. Here are those pictures, in order from the book, with the original captions written below. I hope you enjoy them.

1. The Eagle Boosters' arrival at Columbus, O., Aug. 3rd, 1915.

2. Same as number one.

3. The Boosters' arrival at Chattanooga, Tenn.

4. Leaving on a sight seeing tour of Chattanooga.

5. Brother McGinty buying peaches for the party on the road to
Missionary Ridge.

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jb said...

Hey, how cool. I've still got my grandfather's (b.1885) plate camera, his photographic diary and some of the original plates.
Not as comprehensive a collection as yours by any means, though