Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl

This year I have no real interest in the Super Bowl except for Springsteen and the Band. I hope that they do play one of the new songs, if only to prove the naysayers wrong and to show how well those songs will hold up in the set lists. It's been a rough week and I hope that the Boss is able to inspire us and the nation. At a time when everyone I know seems to be struggling, it will be nice to hear the words that have kept me going for so many years.

I cleaned the office today and that is always a depressing chore. It's not the cleaning but having to sift through the pages and pages of unrealized story ideas. It's tough piling up 20 years worth of material and saying to yourself, "I may never write that one." That said, I have three or four projects that I really must write, in some form, within the next two years. One is a romantic comedy for Julie based on an idea that she gave me. The second is something I want to call "Cuyahoga" which draws on many of the events in my life during the summers working for the North Olmsted Maintenance crew (fictionalized). Finally, I would like to write a pseudo memoir from the summer of '92. I have a journal from that summer that goes up until I started dating Julie.

Everything else is just filler.


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