Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Julie has just about completed this year's Team Jacob Great Strides video. She has done a wonderful job editing photos and some short video clips together. Jacob wanted to use Springsteen's "Working on a Dream" as the song plain underneath the video and I think that it makes it very powerful.

This afternoon was rough for Jules and the kids as Sophie started watching the video and lost it. In school today she was asked to talk to her class about CF and even though she was reluctant to stand up in front of her classmates, she did it anyway. Watching the video with Julie made her sad and she began crying after just a couple clips.

Sophie is one of the brightest kids I know. At any time she could look up some info on CF and I am afraid that she will be overwhelmed with the information out there. I know we should talk to her soon, but when is the right time? Additionally, and Julie has pointed this out to me a couple of times, it would be a huge burden for Sophie to carry if she knew how fatal CF could be and Jacob did not.

Alas, the time is coming. I can feel it. And I dread it, oh how I dread it. As Julie said earlier this year, we want the kids to believe in Santa Claus as long as possible.

I'll post the video when it is complete. Again, Julie did a kick ass job. Her filmmaker husband had very little to do with it.

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