Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Wendover" in NYC again

My writing partner, Jeff Marsick, is once again at the New York Comic Con and this year he has set up a wonderful looking display for our comic book, Wendover. As we continue work on completing issue #2, Jeff is selling copies of issue #1.

Here is a picture of the display. The artwork for it was taken from the comic by, drawn by Jonathan Burkhardt, and finessed by my close friend, Villamor Cruz. Vill has kind of been the 4th man in the Wendover project. He also directed and edited the Wendover motion comic for issue 1, which will be online by Christmas.

For those of you keeping track, Vill also photographed and edited King's Highway.

Anyone who's interested in purchasing a copy of issue 1 (if you don't happen to be in New York) can do so by going to our website or by contacting yours truly!

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