Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I have not written about our incident last Thursday and Friday, yet. On Thursday I wrote my thoughts out and was prepared to add it to the blog when Julie called me to come home again. I would rather wait until tomorrow when I can look at what I wrote, place it on the blog and then write with a little more perspective.

We've been pretty crazed here as we worry about Jake's digestive troubles. He sometimes complains that his tummy hurts and we now question whether these complaints are his way of getting out of eating, or if he really has some discomfort from something blocking up his bowels. At this point we're kind of in a wait and see state of mind, which, when your child has an illness, isn't a comfortable way to be living. You want definite answers.

This past weekend really cleared my head out, though, and I'm through worrying about how many runners we get for the marathon and whether or not my friends are running. At this point, I have to concentrate on my own running and my own fundraising. And even on that front, I'm trying not to stress out about the total amount I raise. Truth is I've already raised over a thousand dollars, which is a lot of money in today's economy.

I put this pressure on myself and it really weighs me down. My head gets cluttered, that's for sure.

Ran yesterday and I was pretty excited to get out there. The weather is really beginning to be cool in the mornings, making the runs a lot nicer.



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