Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The donation page is up and running. I'm pretty excited to see how it will work. There is a link on the blog, so... anyone reading this should test it out!

I'll try to work on the web page in my spare time.

Ran for about 20 minutes yesterday morning. I was still recovering from my very long weekend in which I spent Thursday and Friday nights (and early mornings) remixing "King's Highway." It's really going to be awesome once the remix of the entire movie is complete. Of course, I'll put up some kind of link when a trailer is online again.

I didn't run on Saturday, choosing instead to sleep in. Wise choice on my part. But I did not fully recover until sometime yesterday afternoon. I look forward to running tomorrow morning.

Sophie has kindergarten orientation yesterday morning and I took Jake to his gymnastics class. I don't know how much he really learns in this "class", but he enjoys jumping on the trampoline and playing with the parachute. Poor Soph came home from the orientation and was suddenly very ill. She couldn't keep anything down all day, not even water.

I'm glad to report that she's doing fine today.

Now that the online donation page working, I plan to send out a mass email, and finally get the letter out. That should all take place in the nest couple of days. Hopefully some folks will forward the email to family and friends and the donations will begin to come in.


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