Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Did a long run on Sunday. 8 1/2 miles , maybe a little more. Turns out I only needed to do 6 miles and 8 this weekend. Perhaps I should pay attention to my training schedule. Nevertheless, I was very pleased with myself because I was able to switch up to a 4/1 run walk ratio half way through the run. When I was done, though... Oh boy, were my legs sore. Can getting older really mean this much pain?

speaking of getting older, yesterday was my birthday. The day began really nice, but then something turned while driving to work. I listened to some Springsteen and having that alone time in my car made me reflect on my age, what it means for CF patients, and how much I love my family. I was crying by the time I arrived in Burbank and never quite recovered until the end of the day.

Steve sent me some nice emails. Can't believe he remembers my birthday each year. I'm so lame to forget his. Well, I don't forget it. I just miss it... which may be worse. I mean, plan ahead Malchus.

In the end, I got home and the kids sand me a rousing version of the "Bear in the Blue House" birthday song, and I couldn't stop smiling. I am so lucky to have these two little ones love me so much. So often, I don't feel like a great dad. But I can see in their eyes that I'm doing an okay job. And Jules made a tremendous lasagna. After the kids were in bed, we just cuddled. I had told her about my stress, and she really helped me relax and comforted me.

Don't know if 36 is significant year, but I'll remember this one.

Got up and ran this morning, but only managed 20 minutes. I think that knowing I wouldn't have to increase my mileage this week allowed me to slack a bit.

The letter is written./ The magnets are in (and look awesome...thanks Dave.) Everything gets shipped this weekend. Hopefully the emails will go out sooner. No promises.


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