Thursday, February 09, 2006

WHMP Grammy edition

To: Steve
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2006
From: Scott


I waited all day for the user on my floor who had the John Legend album on his iTunes to get on the server just so I could send you this week's song.

Dude, I hear this a couple of months ago and I really dug the entire album. But I saw John Legend perform last night on the Grammys and was not only impressed, but inspired. It's one of just two performances at that awards show that actually moved me (and caused me to rewind my TiVo to watch the performance again).

What I find so wonderful about this song is its take on love... A mature love between a couple that they have grown into. It's not about infatuation, it's not about that "I just got married and I'm on top of the world" love. It's abou7t the "we've had our troubles and worked through them and you're still the love of my life and the one and ONLY person I want to spend the rest of my life with" love.

Nothing more inspiring about that, huh? In particularly in today's "get married fast; get divorced faster" (oh, I'm sorry, annulment) society, to hear a young (er) artist sing about commitment is refreshing. I hope you dig it.

Oh, and he was so exceptional perfuming the song... Flawless... That I downloaded the entire album to have for myself.

Without further adieu, John Legend's extraordinary "Ordinary People."


PS- Yes, the only other performer to move me (to tears) was Springsteen. He's the only performer that was able to silence the entire crowd with just his guitar, voice and harmonica. It was another impassioned performance by the Boss that made me really think about the kids overseas who are dying for an unjustified war. When he said "Bring 'em home" and walked off to applause, Springsteen proved, yet again, that he's the Boss in more ways than one.

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