Tuesday, June 12, 2007


My iTunes has been randomly playing awesomeness all day. I'm afraid to stop it.

Here is a picture of the piñata I made for Jake's birthday this year. For those of you without a clue, that's supposed to be Robin (of Batman and Robin). He is in his anime, Teen Titans form. The piñata was made out of paper mache and took three weeks to complete. Julie thought I was nuts. She liked it, and Jake LOVED it, but all that effort for something that was going to be beat to shit by a bunch of scream 5 year olds seemed a little extreme.

The body was made from a shopping bag. The arms from toilet paper tubes. The hands were small brown bags I cut into the shape of gloves. The legs were construction paper and the feet small boxes. The head was a balloon.

Jake still has the head sitting on his dresser.

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