Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3:40 pm

I've started reading Michael J. Fox's memoir, "Lucky Man". Long a MJF fan (I even liked "Life With Mikey"), I have been inspired by his battle with Parkinson's disease (and who hasn't) and his will to keep fighting. What I have found refreshing, so far, about his book is that he pulls no punches, about himself or the film industry. It takes a brave man to admit he made some shitty films. Most actors are not willing to do so for fear that they'll never work again. Then again, I guess he is not so concerned about that next acting role anymore.

What also has come through in the book is his love for his wife and children. If I ever did take up Steve's suggestion and decided to write some sort of memoir, I would most definitely use this book as a model.

I have to read it fast, though. I promised Sophie we would both read "Charlotte's Web" this summer. She wants to start this weekend (!). I don't think she understands that her old man is a slow ass reader. I'm pretty sure she'll be done with the book by Sunday night while it will take me the better part of a week to get through the book. It's worth it, though. If we can connect through words, maybe she'll be inspired to continue writing. Sophie is already a budding journalist. I pray she keeps it up. Her imagination and intelligence will take her far.

As I finish this entry, I wonder, "Who is reading this?"


Jason said...

I'm here. I, too, am a big MJF fan (his persona, as well as his excellent comedic style, is pretty much why I wanted to be an actor) and I loved "Lucky Man."

Eric said...

"Lucky Man" was an excellent read. I was surprised by how fast a read it turned out to be.