Saturday, August 18, 2007

The end of summer

Arrived home last night and the kids were ecstatically watching the end of "High School Musical 2". When they finished, we made milkshakes and began rewatching the movie so I could get the full experience. It has been blazing hot this past week, 110 at one point(of course, not the day we went to the beach). A quarter of the way back into the movie, Jake and Sophie wanted to go for a swim. The sun was down and the only light came from our patio. They jumped in and splashed around. "Not so bad," Jake said, amazed at the water's temperature. Sophie practiced her turns in the pool and Jake did cannonballs. Ten minutes later, I joined them. "Not so bad," I thought. The three of us swam around under the trees and the stars, splashing and laughing, while Julie looked on with an expression of sadness. Sophie and Jake begin school on Tuesday. The summer is drawing to a close.



Anonymous said...
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Py Korry said...

So what did you think of HSM 2? I watched it with my daughter and thought it was okay. Of course, if I watched the first one, I probably would have felt more connected to the whole experience.

Scott said...

I thought HSM2 was pretty good. To be honest, I actually like both movies. More on that later.