Sunday, August 05, 2007

Our date last night was fantastic. We dropped the kids off and a friend's house and then it was off to glamorous TGI Friday's. Although it's not some fancy restaurant, in a way, it was appropriate since our first date was ended up in a couple of dive bars. So when you look at it that way, it was a step up! Truth be told, Julie and I don't need some high brow place to enjoy ourselves. We sat and had some beers, appetizers, a burger and good conversation. That's all I want out of a date: the opportunity to actually talk to my wife without the interruptions and expectations of everyday life.

I need to retract a statement I made the other day about this script I've been working on. First of all, the Jason Bourne movies with Matt Damon have been nothing short of spectacular. I would be a luck man to be working on smart, entertaining movies like those ones. Second, being a graduate with a Pop Culture degree, I should be the first person to know that the best genre films reflect our society and use the popular form of entertainment to deliver a message (if they so choose. I don't think "Daddy Day Camp" was out to give a message... not that I won't end up seeing "Daddy Day Camp", because Sophie and Jake have already expressed the desire to see it). It's my job as the writer of my thriller to make it personal and to place a message within the context of the story. In my desire to be done with the script, I lost sight of this point the other day.

We're off to the beach today. This will probably be my only trip to the sands and waves this year.

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