Friday, January 04, 2008

It's the end of the first week of the year. Man, these past three work days have felt like 7 days combined. I'm wiped. It may have something to do with Sophie waking up at 2 a.m. the past couple of nights. Julie is sick as a dog. An upper resp infection and a sinus infection. This morning I thought she was going to keel over because she could barely catch her breathe. Talk about feeling helpless.

We have been in a mad scramble to locate a pink Nitendo DS to give to Sophie for her birthday. Now, we already have a white one to give to her, but the girl requested a pink one. I am quite sure she will be very happy with the white one. It's insane that so many kids have these game systems and I had barely heard of them before this Christmas. Am I so out of touch that I don't know what's hip with the kids anymore? Apparently so.

Right now, it is raining harder than I can recall in recent memory. Besides the downpour, the wind is whipping through the sky with incredible force. As I walked to the train station this evening, it did not matter that I had an umbrella. I was pelted in every direction by the rushing waters and found myself drenched in a matter of minutes. I should not complain. California needs the rain so desperately. When we first moved to Los Angeles, it would rain all winter. The past five or six years, we have not been getting the precipitation we need to replenish our dismal water supply. The only bummer is that tomorrow is Soph's birthday and we'll wind up spending most of the day inside. Still, I believe we'll find some ways to pass the time. I guess we could always give her the DS early.

The Popdose thing, so far, has been a good motivator for me. I am constantly working on these entries in my head and trying to better myself as a writer. And the cable modem has been a godsend. I am writing this entry at 10:20. I never would have done that before the cable modem. We have entered the new Millennium. And did I tell you we are using Vonage as our phone carrier? So far so good.

Well, I'm done for tonight. I hope whoever is reading this has a pleasant Saturday and stay dry.


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Jeff said...

We've got a heat wave here in New England. Mid-50s, maybe even low 60s! In January! Cats and dogs living together, it's mass chaos!

Okay, not really. But it's warm.