Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire primary

I'm not sure how I feel about the results of tonight's primary. Certainly not as bad as I did last night after the OSU Buckeyes forgot to play football. I am beginning to lean toward Obama. I'll admit that during the debate last Saturday, it was Edwards that I found the most passionate and whom I felt spoke directly to me. I hate to say it, but I don't believe that John Edwards will get the nomination, not in today's political climate with instant text voting results and bloggers telling us all who is going to win. Thus, I am left with two candidates that I should be happy with. However, I have been very disappointed with some of the campaigning tactics the Clinton campaign has been pulling. Misquoting. Attacking the candidate personally. They speak of change, but are resorting to the same damn battle plans that have been used since the 80's. Shame on them.

Obama's eloquence in the face of defeat was inspiring. But was it really that much of a defeat? Clinton only won by 2 percentage points. TWO! I wouldn't call that a resounding comeback (and you knew she was going to throw "comeback" into her speech tonight). Obviously, the next month will determine who the democratic candidate will be. This is very exciting, but also somewhat tiring, too. It's only January. We have an entire year of this!

Until I am convinced otherwise, I am voting for Obama on February 5.



Jeff said...

Oh come on! You mean those tears Hillary cried prior to NH didn't move you? They were tears of passion for her love of the country, man! PASSION! This is her love, this isn't some GAME! Have you no heart?

I haven't seen such a display theatrics since that freak pitched a fit on YouTube and pled for all of us to stop picking on Britney.

Scott said...

Yeah, but it worked. It worked.

Stephen said...

I was angry with last night's results. Anger so venomous powerful that words cannot express it. These links do it better than I can, and should be read in order:



To follow up on your point, Scott, the total vote difference was about 8000 votes. I'll be the Los Angeles dogcatcher race is decided by more votes than that.