Saturday, May 23, 2009

I don't want to be negative, but I'm afraid that the Indians season is slipping away. There would be nothing I'd like more than to be proven wrong on this one. But with one of their starters, albeit an ineffective one, and one of their best relievers (who was one of their best starters before he got switched to the bullpen) both getting injured last night, I'm getting that sinking feeling in my stomach.

There is so much talent on this team, yet they don't seem to have any fire under them. While I'm sure that Eric Wedge is a good manager and I've supported him in the past, I wonder if there needs to be a shakeup and if the blame shouldn't fall on his shoulders. It's not just about inspiring, it's about managing. The great manager, when his guys are slumping, he yanks 'em to place a more effective hitter in the lineup. Torre does it. LaRussa does it. And to use an excuse like, "we're a young team" is crap. Martinez, Sizemore and Peralta are seasoned vets.

Instead of any sort of consistency, every night is a different lineup and no one is able to get into a rhythm. That's the way I see it from my end out here in California. I listen to just about every game and follow the gamecast on the Indians web site. Even the radio announcers sound defeated when they call the play by play.

Who is leading this clubhouse? That's what I really wonder. Who is the player in the trenches that acts as the captain? Who do thy draw inspiration from?

Last year I went on a similar rant and the Indians suddenly turned it around. I hope that happens this year. Alas, I just don't see the same spark and at 9 1/2 games back time may be running out.

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