Friday, May 15, 2009

Julie is now in Atlanta having left yesterday afternoon. It was quite a traumatic day for both of the kids. When you consider that Sophie has never been away from her mom for 10 years and Jacob for 7 years, there is bound to be some separation anxiety. However, they have been doing great today. I'm very proud of them. Today was also a minimum day at school, so I stayed home, too. The family picnic at the school took place at 11:45, so I had a couple of hours alone in the morning to do some writing, which I didn't do because I'm obsessed with my iPod.

My poor little iPod hates me. At least once a day I have the small device hooked up, trying to manipulate as much as I can out of the 8 gig drive. Just yesterday I realized that the jpegs I atach to each song actually suck up memory space. The iPod has been angry and shutting down. I must be nice to the iPod. I can not let the iPod crash on me.

Soon I will explain my obssesive compulive set list that I compiled to write the book. 500 songs, people. 500 songs! Who needs that much music? And why must each individual song contain the correct album artwork... from the original albums. Oh no, no "Greatest Hits" or "Best of" album coners for my iPod, I have to track down the original artwork.

I have finally put the thing to rest. I need to move on or I will go deeper into the wormhole.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, the kids are doing great. Everyone is doing great.


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