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I have wanted to make a post since Saturday, but my Internet Explorer is corrupted and I have not been able to reinstall the program. Great, now we're paying for Internet service that we can't use. Anyway, the past weekend was great. Julie had a really nice Mother's Day, and besides having to take Ella (our cat) to the vet, it was uneventful. Sophie and Jules went to see a production of Annie on Saturday and Sophie has not stopped singing since then. I got up to run yesterday but, instead, opted to walk. I still haven't bought a new knee support. That right leg is feeling "clicky" so I think it's best to wait. That's a quick update. More later. Aloha
IN THE CD PLAYER THIS WEEK: Springsteen "Devils & Dust" (holding off on a true reveiw for a couple of weeks. But there are several songs I really love) The Band "Music From Big Pink" (seriously, why don't we hear any of their music on the radio? This album is as fresh as anything I've heard in the past ten years. Stellar!) The Ramones "Loud, Fast, Ramones:Their Toughest Hits" (Damn, they were a tight band.)
What the.... only the 4th day into my training and I'm already behind a day in posts. Argh! Jacob had a GI doctor appointment this week and we had to get a stool sample. I say "we", but we know who we is and Julie got it this morning. They are concerned because he hasn’t gained any weight since his last visit. So the doctor wants to up his enzymes again, after we just lowered them. It is frustrating because the doctors at Children’s' Hospital doesn't want to up his enzymes. So, the two parties are contradicting themselves. Meanwhile, we wait it out and pull our hair out. Great Strides was a success this year, by the way. The walk was around the mall and this seemed to be an ideal location. Middle of town. Great exposure. Short walk for those who only wanted to do 2 miles (or, who had so many kids it would have taken us forever to complete a full 6 miles). I won a prize this year. I never win anything. I guess this was the universe's consolation p

Jacob Button Pic, 2005

Jacob Button Pic, 2005 Originally uploaded by MalcFlynn . DAY 2 As you can tell, I have altered my web design for the blog. And I thought it was time to figure out how to add photos, as well. Here is the first one, a picture of Jake that I took at my parents' home in Tucson on Easter Sunday. This year, Julie and I made the buttons. I'll admit that they aren't as durable as the professionally made buttons, but there is a certain charm to them that I feel makes them more personal. By the way, Jake's lips are blue because he was eating a sucker, not because he was lacking oxygen. Aloha
DAY 1, 2005 Got up early this morning, around 6:15, and dragged my tired ass out into the Saugus morning. So, here I am again, I swore I'd never do it, but, yes, I am going to train for another marathon. Why? I blame Wendy DePauw. Wendy is an old friend from high school and she and her husband, Dan, have donated the past two marathons. I hadn't seen or spoken to them in 5 or 6 years until this past Christmas. Over the holiday break, Steve and I went to visit the DePauws, who live in Northeast Ohio. The first thing Wendy said to me after our cordial "hellos" was, "When's the next marathon?" I demurred and said I doubted I was going to run any more. She replied, "Well, you can walk it, can't you?" That was my challenge. The marathon this year will be next January in Carlsbad, I think I have enough time to get prepared. Anyway, I barely ran this morning. My quads were sore due to a two-mile jog I did with Budd on Sunday. See, the Gr