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I am not a baseball player

Finally got a chance to see MONEYBALL tonight and it was an excellent film. Although it was not as emotionally compelling as I'd hoped, I still found the movie inspiring and Brad Pitt's work exceptional. I sometimes forget how good he can be. I guess when you have so many children to feed, you have to make some glossy Hollywood movies to pay the bills. This leaves room to make dream projects like MONEYBALL. There was a moment in the film when the story flashed back to Beane, at that time a washed up major league ballplayer, making the decision to become a baseball scout. "I'm not a ballplayer," he says, much to the amazement of some off screen person (I assume his agent). There are many times that I think about the move out here and the dreams I've pursued and where I now and I think, "I'm not a ball player." But, I did make a movie, which most people can not say, and I've been in the lives of my children since the day they were born instead

"Wendover" in NYC again

My writing partner, Jeff Marsick, is once again at the New York Comic Con and this year he has set up a wonderful looking display for our comic book, Wendover . As we continue work on completing issue #2, Jeff is selling copies of issue #1. Here is a picture of the display. The artwork for it was taken from the comic by, drawn by Jonathan Burkhardt, and finessed by my close friend, Villamor Cruz. Vill has kind of been the 4th man in the Wendover project. He also directed and edited the Wendover motion comic for issue 1, which will be online by Christmas. For those of you keeping track, Vill also photographed and edited King's Highway. Anyone who's interested in purchasing a copy of issue 1 (if you don't happen to be in New York) can do so by going to our website or by contacting yours truly!

Now approaching 12,000 on the King's Highway

Thought I'd mention that the little movie I wrote and directed 10 years ago(!!) is close to 12,000 views on Netflix. Obviously not as many as many, many other films. But considering we've only had i up on Netflix since May and King's Highway is a microbudget movie, I'm pretty proud of the fact. Once we reach 12,000, maybe I'll have a contest and giveaway some copies of the movie.

Thirty Minutes or Less: F'n social networking

Each time I stop by Facebook or happen to check in with my Link'd In (or however the hell it's spelled) page, I feel like the world is passing me by. Where do people get the time to continuously update their status and inform the world about their lives? I used to do that with thunderbolt and the time got away from me. I like the idea of Facebook and other social networks as a place for people to stay in touch. But damn, it's so much more than that and I constantly eel like I'm not doing enough. And Twitter, too? Son of bitch! It's too much. If I could just figure out a way to link everything from this site, my life would be so simple.

30 Minutes of Less: Steve Jobs died today

Steve Jobs died today. The man was, perhaps, the greatest innovator of my generation. Although I'm writing on a PC at this very moment, I would give anything to be using a Macintosh, instead. The first computer I ever wroekd on was a Mac. My college roommate, Dan, owned a Mac and he was the luckiest man we all knew. This was the early 90's, when everyone owning a personal computer was the stuff of science fiction writing. In the basement of the blue house, people would come over and type their research papers on Dan's Mac and then print out the documents on his dot matrix printer. It was the coolest fucking machine in the world. True story: I once put off writing a paper for an English/film class until the very last minute and couldn't find the energy or will power to spew out my amateurish opinions. I never completed it! The next morning, when it was due, I approached the professor and explained to her that I'd been writing my paper on my roommate's computer an