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Basement Songs- The Book

Sorry it's been so long. We're still hanging in there for anyone who is wondering. We still have a long road ahead of us. In looking back on my brother-in-law's accomplishments, I was inspired by Seann's drive to get his art out to the world for his friend, family and fans to listen to and appreciate. Seann recorded music and sold it independently through a digital music service. I sort of took his ambition for granted until it was too damn late to tell him how much I admired his drive. Well, now I'm drawing from Seann's life to try and get my act together. For two years I've been talking about compiling some of my favorite Basement Songs columns and self-publishing them as a book. After seeing the success that my good friend, Will Harris, had when he published a book of his own Popdose columns, I'm finally going to do the same. Ever since we returned from Ohio, I've been editing the Basement Songs columns that I consider some of my best and/or my fa