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My Springsteen review

I write record reviews for Here is my take on the new Bruce Springsteen album. Bruce Springsteen just won’t let up. Since the 2002 release of his post 9/11 album, The Rising¸ the Boss has put out five studio albums and an assorted lot of live CD’s and DVD’s. Oh, and there were the elaborate box sets celebrating Born to Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town, the numerous tours, and the occasional stump speech for presidential candidates. After being pretty much dormant throughout the 1990’s, Springsteen has taken it upon himself to become a spokesman for the nation, which is exactly what he’s doing again on his masterful new album, Wrecking Ball . If you were a fan of Springsteen’s last effort, the optimistic pop album, Working on a Dream , you’ll probably be disappointed. Wrecking Ball is cut from the same cloth as 2008’s Magic and its predecessor, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions, that furious collection of folk songs he put out in 2006. Those two albums

Basement Songs book update- March

I'm happy to report that the first draft of the book is completed. From here I'm going to have some people read it and make sure there aren't an abundance of typos and then I hope to get it to a couple of critics for possible quotes. I'm also waiting to hear back from several of the artists I wrote about hoping they'll give me permission to use their lyrics. If anyone has an in with Tom Waits or Bruce Springsteen let me know. Robbie Robertson has already said "yes."