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Welcome back m friends to the show that never ends... I used to love that song by Emerson Lake & Palmer and now I just think of it as a joke. I'm in a funk. The elephant is back and he's brought along the snake who clogs up my stomach. Their old friend sloth is here, too. I told Julie that I either want to get drunk or cry. I can't seem to get any good tears so I've turned to what's left of the scotch I have in my trusty Flapjack flask. Jacob is culturing pseudomonas and he will be starting another round of TOBI, which is a powerful inhaled medicine he'll have to do twice a day with his other breathing treatments. Jake was on TOBI some time ago when he cultured for preudomonas and we were able to knock it out. I pray we can do the same thing this time. His doctor wants to be very aggressive and put him on a treatment plan, I guess that's what you call it, for six months. It's all very nerve rattling. Coupled with the horrendous time we had at his c