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My gracious son

On Wednesday, Jacob put up the bravest Instagram post I’ve ever seen from him. In it, he talked about how cystic fibrosis has not only affected his physical health, but his mental health. This took courage because this young man is only 17. Throughout the years, he’s struggled with what it’s like to have CF, and what it MEANS to CF. So much of his life has been defined by being Jacob Malchus, the son, the cousin, the best friend, that boy in school or church who has CF, he wondered what it would mean not to have something that has been a part of him for his entire life, even though it’s a chronic illness. That’s a pretty tough question, one that most adults would have difficulty answering, let alone a teenager. Being his father, I’ve witnessed Jacob’s struggles first hand. I’ve lost count the number of times I wished I could reach in and remove CF from his body. It’s every parent’s dream that their child stays healthy. On their way home from