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Showing posts from December, 2008
December remains a difficult month to get into a groove and write. Not only do the holidays consume our waking moments and restless nights, but there is also the 10th of December that hovers over us. This year that day kind of came and went without Julie or I acknowledging it. Funny thing is, I had terrible stomach pains that morning and was in a general bad mood all day. Can your body and spirit really remember bad days? If amputees have phantom pains, can parents who've received sad news experience the same thing? Try as I may to complete this new script, I have been lacking in motivation to get it done. I'm close, but there is this invisible barrier that stops keeps me away. I even tried growing the writing beard. It went on for over two weeks. Thing is, I was actually starting to like having the beard, so using the hair on my face as a motivational tool didn't work this time. Thing is, I keep thinking about January and starting my new project. For the first t
Another overcast, Radiohead day in Southern California. The skies are dingy like an old sweatshirt and desperately want to open up and rain on us. I doubt that will happen, though. You'd think that after a childhood spent enduring Ohio winters I would get used to this type of weather and possible enjoy the fact that there isn't snow on the ground. Instead, gray clouds just make me feel gloomy same as they always have. The beard is growing back as I make a concerted effort to finish this script I've been working on for several months. I though that with the completion of the marathon I would be able to dive right back into this dark script with no trouble. The decompression from not feeling pressure to run every day has taken a little longer to get over than I anticipated. I forget that the constant running and fund raising gave me a purpose. Steve begs me not to continue running, something about not being able to walk when I'm in my 60's. Still, I'm alre