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One way to wait out the new year...

I know what you're thinking: I got this new Kindle/Nook for Christmas and I want to kill some time while I wait for the New Year's Eve's activities to begin. Might I suggest a book? How about BASEMENT SONGS? Both Kindle and Nook editions of the book are available for $5.99 and all proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Kindle edition can be purchase here: Nook edition can be purchased here: And of course, you can order the paperback from Lulu Happy New Year!

Happy Anniversary, Julie!

Julie and went out for our anniversary tonight and stopped at Two Bucks in North Olmsted for a night cap. The jukebox was loaded with more music than I've ever seen, one of those digital machines that has access to nearly everything under the sun. Highlight of the night was hearing Springsteen's "Book of Dreams," (our love song) followed by this Los Lobos deep cut that was also played at our wedding. Happy Anniversary to my beloved wife, Julie. 19 years have flown by.

A lengthy review of the book

Some very nice reviews of BASEMENT SONGS from readers have begun to pop up. There are three over at Amazon, one at Goodreads, and then there is this one by my colleague Ted Asregadoo. Ted and I have known each other for several years, first through blogging, and then as a part of the Popdose staff. We've collaborated on some cool projects (including a Lost/Peter Gabriel experiment) and finally met in 2011 when I was in San Fran. Ted just got the book this past week and he just finished it. This review appears on his blog, Py Korry. Please read the review pump up the numbers to Ted's site!  Leave a comment it you like.

The Whomobile

As per the request of my good friend, Ted Asregadoo, here is the only known photograph of the Whomobile (together with the North Olmsted Boys Cross Country team), taken the summer of 1987 (if I'm not mistaken). As I try to convey in BASEMENT SONGS, this Whomobile was more than just a car, it was a statement of individuality. It's incredible that after 25 years the thought of that machine still brings happy thoughts to my mind. Thanks to my old friend, Phil Sprague, for sending me this photo several years ago. If anyone knows the names of the other fine fellows in the picture please let me know!


Thanks to my friend, Rob Smith, BASEMENT SONGS is now listed on Goodreads. For anyone who has read the book, a quick review on the site would be greatly appreciated!  Same goes for Amazon, if you've had a chance to read BASEMENT SONGS, your thoughts will help draw up interest. Here's a link:

Simple thoughts on Newtown

It's difficult to put into words how I feel about Friday's tragedy. I was at work when the news broke in Los Angeles, and the busy events of that work day suppressed any anger, sadness and fear that I had. It wasn't until just a few minutes ago, with Sunday winding down, that it all came out. I just want to cry and punch something at the same time. When something of this magnitude happens, all I want to do is grab my children and wrap them in my arms. To have either Sophie or Jake ripped from my life would devastate me, as I'm sure it would do any parent. My thoughts and prayers go out to those grieving families in Connecticut. The world is with you, not that that will bring you any comfort anytime soon.

Sophie's Springsteen Tape/ Chapter preview

Once upon a time, we went to Hawaii. In 2003 our family took a trip to Hawaii so I could run the Honolulu Marathon. I raised over $10K for the CF Foundation training for that race. Here's the chapter from Basement Songs that explains how we wound up there and why the music of Bruce Springsteen has become so inspirational to our family. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN SOPHIE’S SPRINGSTEEN TAPE Bruce Springsteen released his 12th studio album, The Rising , in July 2002, beginning a creative streak that has not let up in ten years. With the U.S. still reeling from the 9/11 terrorist attacks and stories of fallen soldiers in the headlines, the Boss recorded a masterful reflection on loss, sorrow, love, hope, redemption and trying to find one’s way through the darkness.  Each song stands up with his finest material from an extraordinary career that dates back to 1973. Making the album even more compelling was the fact that Springsteen recorded The Rising with the fabled E Street Band for the first t

Popdose podcast: The Matt 'N' Jeff Radio Hour

I joined my fellow Popdose writers, Jeff Giles and Matt Wardlaw, to discuss Basement Songs and for some reason Alan "Fitz" Fitzgerald came up in conversation. Please check out the podcast for the Matt 'N' Jeff Radio Hours. Feel free to discuss how dorky I sound.

I wonder what he'll think of me

The best response I've gotten for the book release hasn't come from someone who's actually read Basement Songs . The best response has come from Jacob, my wonderful son. When the first book arrived last week, he asked me if he could read it. Knowing that some of the content is a little too mature for him (or rather, I don't want him knowing everything about his dad yet), I told him that I thought the book was a little too adult for him.       "But do you want to read it?" I asked him.       "Oh yeah!" Jake exclaimed. Today my second copy of the book (the corrected version) arrived on our doorstep. After I'd ripped open the box and inspected its formatting, Jake asked, "Dad, how old do I have to be to read your book?" As a father and a writer, there is no better question to hear from your child. That he's taken an interest in my what I wrote almost brings me to tears. Someday soon he'll get to find out what a dork his dad was an


For those of you thinking, "Man, I'm planning on buying a copy of BASEMENT SONGS, but I'd really like to hear all of the songs Scott is talking about," or for those of you on the fence, curious how the power of a song can cement a moment in your life, I have a treat for you. I've created a playlist on Grooveshark that contains all of the songs featured in the book. You can go to the Grooveshark website (signing up for Grooveshark is free), or you can listen here! Basement Songs by Scott Malchus on Grooveshark


If you ordered a copy of the book before Wednesday, 12/5/12, you will likely receive your copy in the mail and discover that there is a technical error between pages 15 and 16. You will turn page 15 and see "Page 10" and the beginning of the Los Lobos chapter. Then you will see an additional page 15 before you turn the page to page 16. I apologize for the error and plan to rectify it by sending you a new copy of the book. One of the perils of self-publishing is learning how it works as you go along. I made a false assumption that I would receive a "proof" copy of the book to approve before any were sent to buyers. My Lulu page had a button on it that said "approve for distribution." The instructions I read said that the book would not be distributed until I looked over the copy I received in the mail and approved it. This would allow for corrections to the cover or, as is the case here, a technical error in the introduction to the book. When I received my

Nook Version on the Horizon

After some further research, I discovered that I can publish a Nook edition of BASEMENT SONGS without any additional costs. This is great news for any of you readers who prefer the Barnes and Noble ereader over the Kindle. If all goes well the Nook edition should be available next week. Same price as the Kindle edition. In other news, 6-8 weeks from now the BASEMENT SONGS paperback will be listed on Amazon, as well. Pretty slick, huh? In the meantime, Lulu is still the place to find the physical book. One of my friends inquired which edition of the book makes more money for the CF Foundation. If anyone else is curious, the paperback has a slightly higher profit margin. The added bonus is that book looks amazing. I don't want to give anything away, but the first and last pages tie into the cover. All right, this song isn't featured in the book, but it was in consideration up until the end. I wrote about it a couple years ago on Popdose as it's one of my favorite Christmas s

The book EXISTS!

Here I am with the book cover designer, Joe Game with the very first printed copy of BASEMENT SONGS. Yes, those are new specs on my face. I was hoping to have them in time for the cover photo, but we couldn't wait any longer. Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy so far!

In memory of Seann

Two photographs hang in our kitchen, side by side. In them are the images of my brother-in-law, Seann, taken during the weeks before his untimely death, one year ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t pass by those photos and think, “I miss you, brother.” That thought is screaming to me today, the anniversary of his passing. Anniversary is an inappropriate word choice; I associate it with celebratio n. There will be no celebrating today, no hoisting of pints and shouting good cheers in his name. Oh, the drinks will be poured and stories will be shared, but they will all be done with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts. When the night finally ends and I find myself on the precipice of sleeping, I know that one thought will occupy my mind as it drifts off into my subconscious. “I miss you, brother.”

BASEMENT SONGS is now available!

Book Cover Art & Design by Joe Game ( / ) Today I'm pleased to announce that BASEMENT SONGS is available to purchase in paperback and Kindle formats. The paperback edition sells for $14.99 and is available through  Here is a link to the BASEMENT SONGS paperback book page. The Kindle edition sells for $5.99 at Amazon.  Here is a link to the BASEMENT SONGS Kindle page. 100% of the profits from the sale of BASEMENT SONGS will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. What is a basement song, you ask? Basement songs hold a special place in our hearts. Decades may pass when suddenly one of these melodies begins playing, instantly reminding you of the time and place it first sank its hooks into your heart or into your soul. It doesn't matter if it was at work, in a car, on your friend’s radio, or in your parents’ basement. What does matter is the music and how it still affects you. In the book, I explore the songs that in

the countdown is on...

Here's something to tide you over until the morning, which, in case you forgot, is when BASEMENT SONGS "officially" goes on sale. "The Rainbow Connection" is the one that made me a dreamer. It's one of the most beautiful compositions ever written. If you haven't listened to it in awhile, take a few minutes to let it wash over you. You'll smile, you'll get teary eyed, and you'll probably recall being a kid. Aloha

A word about the Foreword

There are some writers who inspire me to read their work no matter what the subject. Roger Ebert makes poetry out of film criticism. Cameron Crowe's attention to detail places you in the moment like few journalists. Ann Powers ' use of words is as lyrical and moving as the music she writes about. To this list I add Jeff Giles. I became friends with Jeff because of a Billy Joel record guide he wrote on his long-lost Jefitoblog and some Springsteen bootlegs I mailed him. Soon thereafter, I began writing the Basement Songs series on my own blog, thunderbolt, which Jeff championed and helped find a wider audience, first by providing links on Jefitoblog, and then by asking me to bring it to . In addition to being an excellent Editor-in-Chief, Jeff has never wavered in his support of my (or any Popdose writer's) personal endeavors and using the site to help those projects get attention. Releasing a movie on DVD? Hell yeah you should use Popdose to promote it. You ju

Almost there...

And so it is complete. The book cover is done and it looks fucking beautiful, if you pardon my French. Joe Game did one hell of a job with the cover. He even took a nice picture of my ugly mug. I've submitted the book to Lulu. I've ordered a copy that hopefully will be here early next week. The book has been uploaded to Amazon and now we just wait until it is ready for downloads. Tuesday may be right around the corner, but I'm full of excitement. In 2008 my movie, King's Highway, finally found a home on DVD. I was so proud and couldn't wait for the world to see it. However, no matter how much I call it "my" movie, I know that a team of people worked with me in front of and behind the camera to make it a sweet little picture. A couple years ago I wrote a comic book that my writing partner and I released. We'd hoped that there would be an entire series. Unfortunately everything stalled when our artists got too busy. Again, I'm so proud of that comic

The Book Cover

Behold the front cover of BASEMENT SONGS. This was the third of three ideas for the cover, and certainly the best. It was designed by a talented artist based in Los Angeles named Joe Game. I've know Joe a little over a year now; our friendship began based on a mutual appreciation for the Gaslight Anthem. If you don't know that band, check them out today! When I was tossing around my ideas for the cover Joe offered to help out. My original plan was to place my beloved Emerson boombox (below) on the cover, a concept that Joe began working with while the family and I were in Florida for our Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World. However, when I returned he'd been inspired in a completely different direction. Joe's idea of making my mix tape of Basement Songs look like and actual mix tape blew me away. Not only did he capture the heart of the book, but he gave it a unique appearance. The cassette featured on the cover is actually the very first mix tape I made for Julie, back in

The cover.... page!

And now the cover.... page! The front cover to the book should be completed tomorrow! Until then, Here's a look at the cover page on the inside of the book, which hints at the cool design being done by Joe Game aka Chogrin Art . Let me know what you think!

Porcupine Tree/chapter preview

Today I'm previewing a chapter from the book. Last year, the day after Thanksgiving was the final time I got to see Seann. I wanted to pay tribute to him and wrote this for Popdose in January. I've also included it as the final chapter of the book. PORCUPINE TREE   "Trains" I could sense a presence at the foot of my bed; someone standing there, waiting for me to wake up.   Raising my head, my eyes fought their way through the haze caused by the alcohol and turkey I’d consumed the night before.   It was my brother-in-law, Seann, dressed in his motorcycle jacket and his backpack hanging over one shoulder.   His mouth curled into the cocksure smile that never seemed to leave his face. The night before, Thanksgiving, he’d joined us for a feast at my brother’s house.   We hadn’t seen Seann in a while, and it was a pleasure to catch up.   All in attendance came from Karyn’s side of the family yet I always found it beautiful that Seann could effortlessly fit in with them.